Here are the top 10 highest paid jobs in Dubai 2018

7. Chief Marketing Officer

1080000 AED (£239,787)

An ever-evolving role since the digitisation of marketing, the CMO is in charge of all marketing activities within a company. This can include anything from creating marketing material and public relations to overseeing the management of a marketing department and bearing ultimate responsibility for both its successes and failures.

A marketing degree is not necessary for this role, but some companies will require one depending on the amount of experience a candidate has and what the company is focusing its marketing efforts on. Some experts have asserted that CMO’s ar enow spending longer working with the IT department than their Chief Technical Officer counterparts so being technically savvy can be more important that having a marketing degree.


6. Human Resources Director

1140000 AED (£253,056)

HR Directors have an extremely varied job. Traditionally it involved mainly overseeing the hiring, paying and monitoring of employee’s days off. But today it is focusing more and more on employee retention and devising strategies to make employees as happy as possible while keeping costs as low as possible. The strategies that HR directors are able to devise are key to helping companies hire and keep the top talent they crave so much.

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