Top 10 Highest Paid UAE Jobs in 2018

Working abroad is the dream of many professionals – there’s something exotic and attractive about pursuing or advancing your career in a distant, faraway land (or a bordering country).

If you love the sun and have a thing for high-rise buildings and shopping malls the size of football stadiums, then moving to the United Arab Emirates is the way to go.

Once there, though, you’ll need to find a job – one that pays really well – which is why we’ve put together this list of the 10 highest paying UAE jobs in 2018  for some inspiration.


10. Actuaries

What They Do: Actuaries work with companies and government departments, and are tasked with the job of forecasting long-term financial costs and investment risks.

What They Earn: The average annual salary for actuaries is AED 660,000 (£139,134).

How to Become One: You’ll generally need a minimum of an undergraduate degree to enter this career. You’ll also need to possess excellent research, problem-solving, data interpretation and Math skills.

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