Top 10 Richest and most influential religious leaders in Philippines 2018

The business of religion always comes with power, influence, and a lot of money.

The Philippine government is run not just by the politicians, but by influential religious groups lobbying around boasting their leverage especially in the coming presidential elections.

Philippine politicians are nothing but puppets of these religious leaders and their organizations. No wonder why crimes committed by some of these leaders are often overlooked by the government. Their influence is more than the politicians’ power.

Let’s take a look at the top ten richest and most influential religious leaders in the Philippines.

10. Daniel Razon

Most people would think Daniel Razon is just a reporter, but no. He is a deputy leader of Ang Dating Daan, second to his uncle Eliseo Soriano. Although he is still seen on TV, Daniel is a secret millionaire with an estimated net worth of more than 20 million pesos. To those people who want to become rich and powerful, you have two options. Either you become a politician or build your own religion.

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