Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Zambia 2017

9. Veterinarian

Highest Paying jobs

Veterinary drug isn’t medicinal services lite. Vets are totally fit the bill to look after all scopes of creatures, from the charming and cuddly, most likely to the serious and massive. Their work surely impacts sustenance security and in addition the spread of different irresistible infections. In Zambia, veterinarians win respectable salaries and is one of the highest paying jobs.

highest paying jobs

There are also Vets for wild parks and reserves. Due to the high risk of their line of work, they are enjoy good remunerations.

8. Sales Managers

While those individuals on the show room floors really offer items, deals supervisors break down the patterns, set and actualize different objectives and goals of the association. Accordingly, because of the greatness of their assignments they are exceptionally generously compensated in Zambia.

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