Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Zambia 2017

7. HR and Public Relations Officers

Clearly, human resources personnel are popular and is exceptionally paying in Zambia. Young fellows and ladies in the nation are truly urged to concentrate on advertising and HR callings because of their unbelievable advantages.

6. Fuel Attendants

Notwithstanding the consistently expanding fuel costs and the deficiency of oil based goods, openings for work for fuel orderlies are bit by bit expanding. The assignment doesn’t require much capabilities. Unfathomable relational abilities and essential information in number juggling is all that could possibly be needed.


5. Pharmacist

highest paying jobs

Really, Pharmacist should be very much adjusted. This is because of the way that they assume a key part with regards to how we handle our restorative conditions, recovering procedures, and the whole well-being and health. In Zambia, the activity of a Pharmacist is exceptionally respectable and the general population in this calling are unbelievably compensated.

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