Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs that do not Require a Degree in Jamaica

In this article, there are 10 top-paying jobs that do not require a bachelor’s degree in Jamaica. Don’t have time to pursue a college degree? well, fret not because according to Bureau of Labor Statistics you can easily bring in over $100,000USD  a year without getting a bachelor’s degree.


10. PLUMBER – $2,400,000 ANNUALLY In Jamaica

This might not be among the most glamorous jobs but it is among the highly paying jobs.

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Demand for plumbers is very high since pipes will always need fixing, new construction and replacement. To be a plumber, you will need to go through a four or five year apprenticeship in Jamaica or overseas.


9. DENTAL HYGIENISTS – $5,300,000 ANNUALLY In Jamaica

To work as a dental hygienist you will need an associate degree in dental hygiene. After attaining the associate degree, you will again need a license. But the demand for the hygienists is high considering the aging population and the people who need to maintain their original teeth.


8. REGISTERED NURSES –$4,300,000 ANNUALLY In Jamaica

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To be a registered nurse you will need an associate degree from an approved nursing program. And the demand for registered nurses is high considering the ageing Jamaican population.

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