Top 10 Part Time Jobs in Dubai to Make Extra Money Faster

Though Dubai is a country of high paying jobs. But still for many Part time jobs in Dubai means extra cash for more vacations, more luxuries, expensive gadgets and branded cloths. It’s been notice that in recent years more and more Dubai residents are looking for part time jobs.

Top 10 Part Time Jobs in Dubai to Make Extra Money Faster

Due to strict working laws in all Middle-East countries many people asks the question that, Is it legal to do Part time Jobs in Dubai? The answer is “YES”, It is definitely legal to work on a part time jobs in Dubai under certain circumstances.

Top 10 Part Time Jobs in Dubai

Here we are mentioning top ten part time jobs in Dubai where you can work as a freelancer and these are 100% legal.

1. Online Jobs

Online jobs are the most popular part time jobs in developed countries like Dubai that provide services. Web designers, logo identification professionals, SEO jobs and digital marketing jobs in Dubai are the best earning part time exertions. In Dubai you can have more earning than anywhere else. Initially you can get more than AED 3500 in a week. After you get skilled you can earn even more. Some employer can hire you permanently if they get satisfied with your work.


2. Translators

The UAE is a culturally diverse country where people from all over the world come and settle there. The very problem they face is the language barrier. If you have good English communication skills you can work as translator as it’s the best part time job in Dubai to take up legally. Some companies hire translators for their client’s assistance. So it’s the best earning way for part times in Dubai.


3. Freelance Writers

The best of all part time job to take up is the freelance writing. If you are good then you can earn more than a regular job by freelance writing. You can write up to more or less in every field of your interest to get more and more money. Earning can be varied depends on the number of hours you prefer to work.


4. Social Media Experts

Social media has gained much importance as world has assumed the social media face. Social media have become the business opportunity for the people who want part time job to earn money. Now a days marketing and business promotion is done on social Medias like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and all other social media sites. Your experience in social media engines makes you earn more and more in your part time.


5. Home Tutors

Dubai is the international city where people from different cultures and backgrounds come to earn money. The best part time job for job seekers in Dubai are the home tuition as education sector is the most expensive sector in Dubai. Home tuition is one of the highly paid part time job in Dubai.

6. Airbnb

Making money from Airbnb is the easiest way in Dubai for people to monetize extra space in their house. Airbnb is getting very popular in Dubai recently. Dubai has become one of the most popular tourist destination in the World and due to that tourists are always looking for saving some money on accommodation.


7. Tour Guide

Dubai is the culturally rich country. People from the world come to visit and spend the holidays. The visiting season is the holiday season when tour guides earn the most. It is also the one of the top ten part time jobs in Dubai to take up legally and earn money. So what about becoming tour guide in season.


8. Server at Breakfast Restaurant

Another one of the top ten part time jobs in Dubai is to seek the job of server of any breakfast restaurant. It’s not much difficult job. You just need to greet customers, take food orders, bring food and drinks to the tables and take payment and make change. Breakfast restaurant are good for part time job and a good opportunity to earn a good amount of money.

9. Gardener

Gardening have gain much importance as the infrastructure of Dubai have been developed. The one who love nature and have interest in gardening can get easily a part time job in Dubai in any of small housing society, school or any other small places to earn a fair amount of money. Lawn maintenance in villas require a minimum amount of check and balance and it can be a good part time job.

10. Call Center Jobs

Call center jobs in Dubai is one of the another top ten part time jobs in Dubai. Call centers require the minimum working hour’s e.g. 6 hours and a fair amount of money is offered to fulfill the needs of the students. The job requirements include the speaking and language skills in Arabic and English.


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