Top 5 Best Secondary Schools in Dubai 2018

With Dubai having a demographic that is very Early Years/ Primary heavy, secondary schools can sometimes feel like an afterthought with many families assuming they’ll have returned home by the time secondary school age rolls around. However, schools are looking now to strengthen and develop their secondary programs as many families are now looking for all-through schools in order to stave off any future troubles with a school search later on down the line.

5. Deira International School
 Very Good
Curriculum: UK
Teacher turnover: 20%
Teacher/student ratio: 1:10
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What the KHDA says in 2018
: Overall, Deira International School is making improvements in the Primary with most of students’ attainment in core subjects either Very Good or Outstanding.

The 2017/2018 report notes, “notable strengths over the last three years of inspection have included, the outstanding attitudes and behaviour of students and the high quality provision for health and safety.

Significant improvements over this time have been observed in how well the school carries out assessment of students’ attainment and their rate of progress.”

What WhichSchoolAdvisor.com say: Deira International School is making improvement in its Secondary and Post-16 section with English, mathematics, and Science being ranked either Very Good or Outstanding.

With fees that range from AED 39,938 to AED 80,465, although this is a Premium Tier School, the focus on inclusion and innovation indicates that graduates are well prepared for Post secondary life.

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