Here are the top 10 richest Zambian female musicians in 2018

Nowadays, the Zambian music industry comprises a number of tremendous female characters and on any grounds, this is an obvious indication that Zambian women are not restricted to maternal responsibilities.
Women deserve active presence in profitable engagements in different artistic occupations. Owing to this concept, several Zambian women have taken the advantage of their music potentials to amass sufficient wealth. So long as African music is concerned, we can identify a number of Zambian women who have earned great fame through music.

  • Who Is The Richest Zambian Female Musicians In 

This article draws our attention on the Top 10 Richest Zambian Female Musicians as it is believed that these women boast of substantial wealth in the country’s music sphere.


10. Angela Nyirenda


Angela is a beautiful female singer and one of the most prestigious traditional singers Zambia can boast of. For the fact that she is a cultured African woman, her music conforms to the tradition of Zambia and this makes one of the most decent women in the music industry. Angela Nyirenda makes substantial money from her culture-oriented songs which she produces with sonorous vocals.

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