Top 10 richest Moroccan Athletes in 2018 and their net worths

This article seeks to give the top 10 richest Moroccan athletes. It ranks the athlete with the highest net worth starting from lowest to highest. Click next to see the next richest athlete.

10. Mimoun Azaouagh


Mimoun Azaouagh is the Moroccan born German football player and currently he is playing as the free agent. He starts his professional career with the youth team of Eintracht Frankfurt and the FSV Frankfurt. In 2009 he announced that he would play for the national football team of Morocco in future. Previously he played for the U-21 national football team of Germany. Mimoun Azaouagh estimated net worth is US $ 8 million and he is ranked at No. 10 in the list of top 10 richest Moroccan Athletes.

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