Top 10 richest Zambian footballers 2018

1. Christopher Katongo

Richest Zambian Footballers

Christopher Katongo is arguably Zambia’s highest paid footballer. He plays for Zambian premier league team Green Buffaloes as the striker. Noteworthy is that he has been named by BBC as the African Footballer of the year in 2012. The player portrays a high level of discipline probably because he has been a member of the Zambian Army. This talented footballer takes home an impressive $458,000 per year.

These above are the Top 10 Richest Zambian Footballers 2018. These are the golden boys of Zambia in the football field. They earn remarkably well as they do play well too. Zambian football has been progressive over the years and most years they have managed to qualify for the Africa cup of Nations.

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