Top Most 10 South Africa Expensive Day Schools and Their Fees in 2018

  1. St Andrew’s School for Girls, Bedfordview: R126 550

St Andrew's School for Girls matric fees

St Andrew’s School for Girls was founded in early Johannesburg by two Scottish women, Jean Fletcher and Jessie Johnston, on 22nd January 1902 in Esselen Street, Hospital Hill.

St Andrew’s School for Girls 28th year in succession their matriculation class has achieved a 100% pass rate for all candidates.

The below statistics are based on the results of all candidates:

  • 100% of our girls received a Bachelor’s Degree Pass (previously a University exemption)
  • A total of 218 distinctions
  • An average of 3 distinctions per learner
  • 40% of all results were above 80%
  • 73% of subjects had averages greater than 70%
  • 88% of all results were above 60%
  • 17 out of the 19 subjects were above the IEB average
  • 18 learner results were in the Top 1 % in the relevant subjects.
  • 78% of all candidates achieved a subject distinction
  • An average result of 74.5% was achieved by the year group
  • Half the year group completed an additional subject

For General enquries contact them on Tel: 27 (011) 453 7400

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