Top Most 10 South Africa Expensive Day Schools and Their Fees in 2018

  1. St Mary’s School, Waverley, Johannesburg: R147 180

St Mary’s School, Waverley, is an independent school catering for girls from Grades 000 to matric. It was established in 1888, making it Johannesburg’s oldest school. Its rich history, its leadership and its Anglican tradition and ethos ensure that it remains relevant in the South African context yet offers an education for a 21st century global world. Its pupils come from a diversity of backgrounds and are encouraged to embrace their individuality, to be open, friendly and confident. An impressive number have made their mark in the arts and sciences, in business, politics, the media and sport, both locally and abroad. Location| 55 Athol Street, Waverley, Johannesburg | T:   +27 11 531 1800

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