Top 10 Stunning films You didn’t Know Were shot on Namibia Desert

8. The Young Black Stallion

In 2003, Disney released a family film produced specifically for IMAX cinema with striking wide-angle shots so that the Namibian and South African deserts in which it was filmed could be fully appreciated. Shetan, the black stallion from which the film derives its name, rescues and befriends Neera, a young Arabian girl who finds herself alone in the desert after becoming separated from her father.

7. The Hunters

In 1957 Harvard University’s Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology sponsored an expedition in the Namibian desert, in which John Marshall followed four bushmen in pursuit of a giraffe. BAFTA award-winning ethnographic film The Hunters is the result. Capturing the trials and tribulations of the indigenous !Kung people, Marshall’s The Huntersis an eye-opening insight into the unique nature of human life in the desert

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