Top 10 Stunning films You didn’t Know Were shot on Namibia Desert

6. A Far Off Place

A beautiful tale of strength and solidarity, A Far Off Place follows the two survivors of a ruthless attack at the hands of poachers on an isolated farm in the savannah. As the only witnesses to the massacre, Nonnie and Harry must flee for their lives, but their only means of escape is by crossing the African desert on foot. Trekking across the barren, seemingly infinite sand dunes, where the only options are to keep going or to perish in the stifling heat, is perhaps the ultimate test of human endurance.

5. Beyond Borders

Alongside Canada, Thailand and Angelina Jolie, Namibia stars in the 2003 romantic drama Beyond Borders, a poignant film that tells the story of Sarah Jordan, a naïve and sheltered American socialite whose eyes are opened to the plights of poverty-stricken human beings after meeting humanitarian worker Dr Nick Callahan. She abandons her comfortable life in London to join Callahan in Ethiopia, where she supports his work in refugee camps. Beyond Borders highlights the extraordinary dichotomy between wealth and poverty, development and desolateness across the globe.

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