Top 15 Richest People in Mauritius

5. Chian Ah Teck
Net worth on SEM: $23,678,632
Holdings: Gamma Civic, Lottotech
Chian Tat Ah Teck is the executive chairman of Gamma Civic. He was previously managing director of the company from 1987 to January 2011. Gamma Civic is an investment holding. It operates in the following sectors: building materials, contracting, investments, lottery and corporate services. Chian Ah Teck owns a 6.93-percent stake in Gamma Civic worth $9,253,664.45 and also owns a 19.6-percent stake in Lottotech worth $14,424,968.

4. Norbert Dentressangle
Net worth on SEM: $24,227,818
Holdings: CIEL, Sun Mauritius
French billionaire Norbert Dentressangle, who built his fortune in transport and logistics, owns a 5.11-percent stake in CIEL worth $11.983 million – as well as a 17.32-percent stake in Sun Mauritius worth $12.24 million.

3. Barry Stuhler
Net worth on SEM: $36.7 million
Holdings: Lighthouse Capital
South African-born Barry Stuhler is a chartered accountant who a 6.29-percent stake in Lighthouse Capital worth $36,726,456. He is the managing director at Capital Property Fund in South Africa.

2. Desmond de Beer
Net worth on SEM: $80.04 million
Holdings: Lighthouse Capital
Property tycoon Desmond de Beer was a founder of Resilient REIT Limited, a South African Real Estate Investment Trust, where he has served as CEO since listing in 2002. He was also a founder of New Europe Property Investments Plc and its successor NEPI Rockcastle Plc. He is the largest individual shareholder of Lighthouse Capital Limited, a company that invests globally in direct property in developed and developing markets, as well as listed real estate and infrastructure securities. He owns a 13.71-percent stake in Lighthouse Capital – a stake that is worth $80,044,840.

1. Arnaud Lagesse & family
Net worth on SEM: $130.4 million
Holdings: Ireland Blyth Limited (IBL)
Arnaud Lagesse is the CEO of Ireland Blyth Limited (IBL Group), a family-controlled business that has been in existence for close to two centuries. IBL is Mauritius’ largest conglomerate with more than $900 million in annual revenues. Through its subsidiaries, it engages in the agro and energy, building and engineering, commercial and distribution, financial, hospitality, life and technologies, logistics, seafood, and properties businesses. Lagesse and his brothers Benoit, Hugues, Jean-Pierre, Thierry and Stephane own a joint ownership stake of 16.81 percent of the group’s total issued ordinary shares. The stake is worth $130.4 million.

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