2018 Top 4 most expensive homes in Dorado, Puerto Rico

Just 15 miles west of Puerto Rico’s capital city, San Juan, lies one of the most exclusive beach resorts in the country and a popular tourist destination at the same time — Dorado. The town of a little over 13,000 people has managed to preserve its resort profile and continue its activity despite Puerto Rico’s deepening economic crisis; but there’s something else that brings it under the spotlight right now: its real estate prices, which have risen by 15% in the last 3 years.

In fact, among Puerto Rico’s larger cities, Dorado is the only one to have registered home price gains since 2013. Could this be a sign that investors are seriously taking an interest in the country’s high-end market?

Top 4 most expensive homes in Dorado, Puerto Rico

The luxurious villas and condos in Dorado Beach and Guaynabo — both of them municipalities situated just west of San Juan — make up almost the entire list of the 10 most expensive homes in Puerto Rico.

Here are the 4 most expensive properties in Dorado Beach:

4. Wests Beach Residences

Asking price: $4,250,000 USD

3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3,016 sqft

Dorado West Beach Residences


3. Resort Residence

Asking price: $6,500,000 USD

6 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, 14,400 sqft

Dorado Resort Residence

2. Dorado Beach Estates

Asking price: $6,990,000 USD

10 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, 15,000 sqft

Dorado Beach Estates

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