Top 5 Best Secondary Schools in Dubai 2018

4. Queen International School
Curriculum: UK
Teacher turnover: 14%
Teacher/student ratio: 1:16
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What the KHDA says in 2018: Overall, Queen International School is making gains across the board but especially as English, science and mathematics in the secondary school are either ranked as Outstanding or Very Good.

The latest report notes for English, “students progress very well as they move through the phase, particularly in their creative and persuasive writing and their speaking skills.” Additionally, in mathematics, “attainment and progress against curriculum standards are outstanding.”

What says: With fees that cap out at AED 26,969, the value for this school is outstanding. Students at Queen International School are safe, happy, and achieving excellent academic results.

Although there is still room for improvement, especially within innovation and teaching, what this school offers at its price point makes this one of 2018’s best secondary schools.

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