Top 6 Best Bermuda Private Schools in 2018: the best for your ward

3. Saltus Grammar School 

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This is one of the top academic institutions in Bermuda. This co-educational school is located in Hamilton. Visit the above link for full details and contacts.

Saltus Grammar School, founded in 1888, is an independent school in Pembroke Parish, Bermuda. It was a boys’ school until 1992, when it became co-educational. It has two campuses, one for the Lower Primary (ages 4–6) and one for the Upper Primary and Secondary. In 2005 it had some 1033 students, of whom 73% were Bermudians. Now, it has some 900 students, of whom 69% are Bermudians.

The school is a member of the US-based National Association of Independent Schools and also the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools.

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