Top 6 Richest Women in Philippines and their Net Worth in 2018

People say that the Philippine economy is bad but these women who would say otherwise. Find out who made it to the list of the Top 6 Richest Men in the Philippines for 2018, learn from them, and be inspired with their success stories.

6. Juliette Romauldez

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Net Worth: $160 Million

Juliette Romualdez is the widow of Benjamin “Kokoy” Romualdez, a Filipino politician who died in 2012 and who was Imelda Marcos’ younger brother. The family’s fortune stems from the 2012 sale of a minority stake in Banco de Oro. She also holds a small stake in Benguet, the country’s oldest mining firm. Her son Daniel is its chairman, son Benjamin its CEO and president, as well as president of the Chamber of Mines in the Philippines. Son Martin is a congressman.

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