Top Least paid jobs, Most in demand jobs and the highest paid jobs in Singapore 2017

Getting a paid jobs is vital wherever you are. The salaries may vary, but at the end of the day, your survival will greatly depend on how you handle your finances. And whichever job you get, remember that with motivation, dedication and hard work everything will pay off.

Top 5 Least Paid Jobs

5. Room Attendant and Receptionist

Salary Range per Month: SGD 1,304 – SGD 1,797 (USD 942 – USD 1,300) a month

With billions of tourists visiting Singapore each year, most of them are demanding, and there are fewer servers to attend to them. There are usually no requirements but some hotels are looking for training certificates. Some attendants and receptionists also do jobs from other departments due to under-staffing.

4. Nail Technician

Salary Range per Month: SGD 1,200 to SGD 1,800 (USD 867 – USD 1,800) a month

They take care of the clients’ hands and even massage their feet while building a good customer relationship. With hard work and valuable skills to do nail, hand and feet treatment, some clients still become irate. Of course, nail technicians still have to keep a smile despite the demands and mood of the customers.

3. Service Crew and Waiter

paid jobs

Salary Range per Month: SGD 1,000 – SGD 1,835 (USD 723 – USD 1,326) a month

Keeping a restaurant tidy and going smoothly is no joke especially if the shop is understaffed. A service crew takes and serves orders, cleans and sets tables, and even handles the cash register. There are no requirements for this kind of job, but under-staffing entails that you won’t have holidays.

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