2018 ranking of the top 10 best Hairdressing Salons in Johannesburg

This article seeks to give the ranking of the best Hairdressing salons in Johannesburg in 2018. The ranking was based on reviews and surveys made by the people of Johannesburg in the year 2017. As the adage goes the continuation of beauty is hair-do, people spend a lot of time and money on how to present their hairstyle to the public. With this we see it to be very important to bring you the top 10 best hairdressing salons in Johannesburg.

Here are the  top 10 best Hairdressing Salons in Johannesburg

Note: It starts from the number 10 spot up to the the best that is the number one best.

10. Bellezza Hair Design

The new hair salon in Morningside is owned and run by hair guru, Dustin and his girlfriend and is quite possibly the coolest and most unique hair salon in all of Joburg.

Image result for Bellezza Hair DesignSeriously, they don’t make hair salons like this anymore; in fact they have NEVER made hair salons quite like this. Dustin and his team have worked hard to bring discerning customers something different in the same-old-same old world of hair salons. After spending years building a reputation of note at GHDesigns Dustin has finally decided to go it alone and create a salon that is both stylish and cool while also offering clients the ultimate in pampering and relaxation.

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