Top Most 10 Cheapest Cars for Sale in South Africa Now

Here’s is a list of top 10 Cheapest Cars for Sale in South Africa 2018.In as much as car prices in south Africa having increased substantially over the past few years, it has become almost impossible to find a new car or cheapest cars under r20000, used cars for sale in south Africa under r30000. If in any case you find yourself Shopping for a new car on a very tight budget?

Notwithstanding the fact that prices of new cars are rising in 2018, the good news is that there are still budget-busting offerings for you to consider. Research has revealed that the Rand-Dollar exchange rate has made it difficult for some brands, particularly Chinese brands, to import cars at favourable prices.

According to a January report by Wesbank, the inclusive cost of motoring is still on the rise, regardless of recent cuts to interest rates and fuel prices, as well as a slowdown in vehicle price inflation.

The monthly mobility basket – which comprises instalments, fuel, insurance and maintenance fees – has increased 24.2% since July 2013, Wesbank said.

This is particularly noticeable in the lower-end market as vehicles have slowly started to shift towards higher price brackets.

According to the latest Naamsa report, the Volkswagen Polo Vivo is still the best-selling car in South Africa with 2,675 vehicles sold in July. Nevertheless, it comes at a price, with the Volkswagen Polo Vivo hatch 1.4 CiTi selling for R178,800.

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Let’s take a closer look at ten of the cheapest cars money can buy in South Africa.

Cheapest Cars for Sale in South Africa

10. BAIC D20 hatch 1.3 Comfort – Priced from R149,990 (75kW)


Power – 75KW

Price Ranging From – 149.990


1.3 Petrol
April 2017
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