Top 10 Dubai Recruitment Agencies that can get you your dream job

Which are the best Dubai recruitment agencies? This is one of the top question everyone ask about regarding getting a job in Dubai. You will get hundreds and thousands of results if you google or look for the list on search engines. It’s very easy for job seekers in Dubai to get lost. As being the business hub in the world and tough competition Dubai job market constantly evolve. That makes job finding in Dubai more difficult and getting a reputable recruitment agencies can simplify the process.

Understanding Employment Laws in Dubai

Before applying for the job in Dubai it is very important that you should know some basic employment laws in Dubai. Many recruitment agencies in Dubai uses bad tactics to loot money from job seekers especially from third world countries where workers don’t know the laws and mostly are illiterates.

Like, According to UAE labor law, Any recruitment agency can not charge any type of fee from the job seekers. It is absolutely illegal in UAE. Recruitment Agencies can get their share from the employer but not from the job seekers or employees.

Similarly, recruitment agencies in UAE can not ask for Visa from the job seekers as this is again the employers responsibility.

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Best Dubai Recruitment Agencies in

Here we are listing top ten best recruitment agencies in Dubai.

10. Michael Page

Michael page is working as the recruitment agency in Dubai and providing career counseling to job seekers and giving companies and its clients an amazing opportunity to recruit talented employee-owners to get their services.it provides the following recruitment:

  • Advisory
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Information Technology
  • Legal
  • Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Real Estate & Construction etc.
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