EXCLUSIVE RELEASE: Here are the top 10 richest Rappers in South Africa 2018

Some people believe South Africa has the lineup of richest rappers in Africa. Whether this is true or not, the factual point is that rappers are no longer debased by members of other music genres – { Richest Rappers In South Africa 2018 }.

In previous times, some people regarded rappers as trivial artistes who had no reasonable messages other than spitting jargon. But today, everyone can attest the fact that rappers constitute the richest sets of entertainers both within and beyond Africa. If you have a strong flare for blending vernacular in a rapid manner, you probably have the potency to secure your place among rappers who earn beautiful sums of money through shows, albums, and endorsements.

  • Who is the richest rapper in South Africa

As to the focus of this point, our discussion on rap –as a music genre –has deepened us into finding out the Top 10 Richest Rappers in South Africa (2018). If you’re interested in discovering these rap stars, just remain clung to this interesting article.

Top 10 Richest Rappers in South Africa 2018

10. Tumi Molekane

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Tumi Molekane Among The Richest Rappers in South Africa

Tumi is a renowned South African rapper who rose in popularity around the 2000’s. Fortunately, he is part of the South African rappers who have toured across the globe. Also, he maintains his reputation as the owner of a South African record label called Motif Records. Some of the stars signed to the label are Reason and Ricky Rick.
Tumi makes money from a number of sources but the robust part of his wealth is attributed to music. To signify his intense passion towards music as a career, Tumi has included a number of albums in his gallery.

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