TOP MOST EXPENSIVE SCHOOLS IN ZAMBIA 2017; their tuitions fees will shock you

9.Rhodes Park School (Lusaka)

Rhodes Park School is an independent school established in the sixties. They offer a high standard of nursery, reception, primary and secondary education with a modern approach that has not abandoned traditional practices and values.

Rhodes Park School operates a calendar of three terms a year, and tuition fees for a particular term are due and payable on the last day of the previous term. This longstanding practice is common to many fee-paying institutions, which allows the school to adequately prepare for a particular term before opening as resources are then available for maintenance, textbooks, and other inputs and facilities.

This is the school fee structure for Rhodes Park School this 2017
Reception Tuition Fee K5,500

Primary Tuition Fee (Grades 1-4) K6,500

Primary Tuition Fee (Grades 5-7) K7,000

Secondary Tuition Fee (Grades 8-9) K8,500

Secondary Tuition Fee (Grades 10-12) K9,500

CIE Supplementary Fee (Grades 10-12 K1,500

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