10 Jobs in Singapore that can make you a Multi-millionaire in 2018

5. Drop-shipping

Drop-shipping is one of the most simplest and simplest jobs online that could make you a fortune.

Drop-shipping is like selling an item that you don’t own online. Or should I say retailing but in this case the vendor doesn’t keep the goods.

Drop-shipping is very legal and real. You make more sales when its Christmas or any other festival in your target country.

An average drop-shipper earns more than USD $10, 000 per month.

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6. Voice-Over Artist

This isn’t necessarily a career that many people link with self-employment. But as with many jobs in the entertainment industry, being a voice-over artist involves building a personal brand and finding your own work.

Companies, including big names like Apple, contract out voice work to entrepreneurs like Susan Bennett, the voice behind the iPhone’s Siri.

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You can still sell this service on Fiverr or any freelancing website and make money.


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