Ranking of the Best Philippines Secondary Education 2017

The ranking of the best Philippines secondary education for 2017 has been released, which currently features only 57 out of 2,095 colleges and universities offering bachelor of secondary education.

This was based on overall board exams performance, number of students, top performing students, accreditation status and faculty student ratio.

The rankings are based on the results of two licensure examinations this year (September and March) plus other factors including level of accreditation and faculty-student ratio to find out which schools offering undergraduate programs in secondary teacher education have the most valuable degree programs to produce batch of examinees with high licensure examination for teachers (LET) passing rates.

The ranking uses the same performance indicators as the Local Pulse School Rankings, however the weightings for number of examinees were adjusted to reflect programs with large disparity of number of examinees. Details on the methodology are discussed here. Other possible factors which are possibly secondary variables in determining the best Philippine schools to study secondary education are included in the disclaimer page. Factors such as international linkages, community involvement, employer reputation, research outputs, and research citations per faculty are not part of this study. These variables are assumed to be assessed by accredited agencies such as PACUCOA, PAASCU, and AACCUP.

10. Mariano Marcos State University- Laoag City

best Philippines secondary education

The Mariano Marcos State University is a multidisciplinary, state-funded institution of higher learning that serves the Ilocos Region and its surrounding regions in the Philippines.

MMSU is in Ilocos Norte, a province in the northwestern part of Luzon Island, Philippines. Its main campus of about 300 hectares is in Batac City, 472 km from Manila.

MMSU maintains five other campuses. These are in Batac City (main campus), Laoag City (two campuses), Currimao, Dingras, and Paoay. In Laoag is the College of Education or the College of Teacher Education and the College of Industrial Technology.

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