2019 Top 10 Youngest Billionaires In Uganda

Youngest Billionaires In Uganda: Today Uganda has got many billionaires including the likes of Sudhir RupareliaWavamunoBasajjabalaba and many others, the youth have also fought for themselves by creating jobs and others through various annual inspirational brain-storming programmes such as the Pakasa forum etc, I am telling you if you happen to attend any of these programmes, you will learn how to make money and it will widen your mind.

However, Newslex point research team analyzed a few successful young men in Uganda who have managed to become their own bosses by creating their own businesses, they are truly innovative and inspirational young entrepreneurs in the country with multi-billions.

1. Kiggundu Hamisi

Youngest Billionaires In Uganda

He is a young billionaire that discovered a state of art buildings around kampala, he is the owner of a very popular real estate multi-billion company in the city known as Ham Enterprises which includes commercial buildings such as Ham Shopping Centre at St.Balikudembe Market commonly known as Owino which is reportedly said to be partly undertaken as a public private partnership with Nakivubo Stadium Board of Trustees and another Ham Towers is located next to Makerere University main gate and etc.

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