2019 Top 10 Youngest Billionaires In Uganda

5. Dr. Innocent Nahabwe

Youngest Billionaires In Uganda

Dr.Innocent is a veterinary doctor by profession and a young billionaire currently owning businesses like Club Amnesia, SMS company known asBlue CubeGalaxy FM and he also invested in Real estates aswell as online betting businesses, before that he was also a marketing professional in a newspaper company known as Red Pepper.

6. Miraj Barot

Miraj is one of Uganda’s youngest billionaires managing three different family businesses such as Tirupati DevelopmentTulip ConsultancyVirat Alloys and the recently acquired Sembule Steel Mills. In 2012, Uganda Investiment Authority named Miraj Barot as the youngest entrepreneur, he invested over $30 million inTirupati Development, a real commercial estate Which includes Ovino marketMazima mall in Kabalagala,Kyebando warehouses and etc.

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