2021 Top 10 Best Private Schools in Zambia

3. Metropolitan School (Lusaka, Zambia, Zambia)

It is a reputable pre, Primary and Secondary co-educational institution that  provide its pupils with knowledge through high quality education. The school boasts of excellent infrastructure and a favourable environment for teaching and learning purposes. The campus is spacious and well equipped. Availableare playgrounds for sports such as football, volleyball, basketball and mini-cricket. It also has a botanical garden.

In addition, well-equipped science laboratories, computer room and library are available. All these are sufficiently stocked with reference books for pupils and teachers.

To ensure that no pupil is left behind in knowledge at school, free remedial classes are held in the afternoon for those who are performing below average.

Awards have been won by the school in Jets Fair, provincially and nationally. National as well as international results have also always been favourable. So this is the place that you can prepare for Cambridge International G.C.E O level examinations.


2. Springfields Primary School

Address: Lusaka, Zambia, Zambia.
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