2022 Top 5 Best Boys High Schools in Jamaica

2. Munro College

Munro College is the second on the list of 2022 best boys schools in Jamaica.

2022 Top 5 Best Boys High Schools in Jamaica

Munro College is a boarding school for boys in St Elizabeth, Jamaica.

It was founded in 1856 as the Potsdam School (named for the city of Potsdam) a free school for poor boys in St. Elizabeth as stipulated in the will of plantation owners Robert Hugh Munro and Caleb Dickenson.

It was renamed Munro College during World War I as part of the general rejection of German names at the time, though the surrounding Potsdam district was not also renamed.

Over the years Munro College has distinguished itself as a centre for excellence in secondary education in Jamaica and the Caribbean. It is reputed to have produced the most Rhode Scholars of any secondary school in the Caribbean. The most recent Rhodes Scholar from Munro College is Vincent Taylor (Jamaica and Magdalen 2013). Munro College is currently the only all boys boarding school in Jamaica.

Address: W8G7+392, Bigwoods District, Jamaica

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