2022 Top 5 Best Boys High Schools in Jamaica

1. Wolmer’s Boy’s School

2022 Top 5 Best Boys High Schools in Jamaica

Wolmer’s Boys School is the number one on the list of 2022 best boys high schools in Jamaica. It is also the 8th best secondary school in Jamaica.

Wolmer’s Schools, located in Kingston, Jamaica consists of Wolmer’s Pre-School, Wolmer’s Preparatory School and two high schools: Wolmer’s Trust High School For Girls and Wolmer’s Trust High School for Boys.

While acknowledged as separate institutions, each school carries the same crest and motto, “Age Quod Agis”, a Latin phrase which translates to ‘whatever you do, do it to the best of your abilities’. The school is the oldest high-school in the Caribbean, being established in 1729 by John Wolmer.

The schools more closely resemble British schools of the 1950s than of today, a trend that can be noted of the entire Jamaican schooling system.

Address: X6P6+GR7, National Heroes Cir, Kingston, Jamaica

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