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TripAdvisor Top 10 des hôtels en Polynésie française 2018

Cet article présente les 10 meilleurs hôtels en Polynésie française 2018. Ce sont les meilleurs endroits pour l’été, les vacances, les lunes de miel, etc. 10. Le St. Regis Bora Bora Resort L’exclusif St. Regis Bora Bora est une station de l’île de 44 acres située dans le paradis polynésien. Notre hébergement haut de gamme comprend […]

Here are the top 10 Most expensive Homes in Hawaii and who owns them in 2018

If you want to own one of Hawaii’s top expensive homes, it helps to be in computers or investment banking. Using public records collected by Title Guaranty Hawaii, we’ve compiled a list of Hawaii’s expensive homes—exclusive compounds filled with sprawling swimming pools, personal tennis courts and stunning oceanfront views, places for which the annual property-tax […]

Here are the World’s top 10 Most Expensive Houses, It’s Value and Who Owns Them

The owners of the world’s most expensive houses can be a mysterious bunch. We all know who owns Buckingham Palace, but does anyone recognize the name Tim Blixseth? Or know the Indian billionaire who built a 27-story apartment building just for himself? We’re guessing not. Well, the mystery ends here. Using information provided by, we’ve […]