FORBES WOMEN UPDATE: Top Most 10 Richest Women in South Africa 2018 and their net worth

7. Judy Dlamini

richest women

  • Net Worth: R124 million

With the net worth of R124 million, Judy Dlamini is regarded not only as one of the richest South African women but also part of the wealthiest black women in the country. She is greatly recognized for her advice which implies that wealth can be created by establishing a passion and aiming to achieve it. In her belief, wealth can be created only through hard work, focus and ambition. At the moment, she holds reputable positions in the duo of Aspen Pharmacare Limited and Mbekani Investment Holdings Limited. Moreover, she is seen as a good example and strong reason for young women to work hard in the belief that there is no shortcut to the attainment of wealth.

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