FORBES WOMEN UPDATE: Top Most 10 Richest Women in South Africa 2018 and their net worth

4. Bridgette Radebe

richest women

  • Net Worth: R1 billion

Bridgette Radebe is unarguably the richest black woman in South Africa. She is said to have risen from a wealthy family comprising billionaire younger brother –Patrice Motsepe. Based on reports provided by Forbes, Bridgette Radebe is the originator of Mmakau Mining –a subsidiary mining company based in Johannesburg with the possession of major mining properties in platinum, gold, coal and uranium.
Bridgette Radebe stepped her foot in the mining industry in the early 90’s. During that period, she specialized in shaft management alongside procurement and production services for South Africa’s bigger mining companies. Currently, she boasts of her own mining firm with the whopping net worth of R1 billion.

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