Here are the top 10 richest Zambian female musicians in 2018

3. Shatel

Shatel is a group of two female singers in the names of Saboi and Barbra. While the music group was formed in 1996, it comprised three singers being Barbra, Thandi, and Saboi. However, at a later time, Thandi left the group for the pair of Saboi and Barbra. The two existing artistes –forming Shatel –are gifted superstars who have garnered wealth for themselves through music. Saboi and Barbra produced brilliant performances at musical entertainments and emerged winners in many musical contests. Among the notable contests, they won was the Women in Music award given annually. Through this award, many prospective promoters discovered their potentials as talented singers.
Niswalele, which became a hit song, is the debut single from the duet. Due to the fame they earned from this debut single, Saboi and Barbra were signed to popular Zambian music label –Mondo Music –to mark their first record label. Following this record deal, the two Shatel ladies came up with “Chicondi’’ their debut album released in 2001. This marked the era of transformation for the two ladies and took them to the international scene with concerts in Japan and around Zambia.

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