Top 10 best Knockouts By Puerto Rican Boxers of all time

4. Felix Verdejo vs Sergio Villanueva

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Puerto Rican lightweight prospect Felix Verdejo may be the hottest young fighter on the Top Rank roster these days, and this past Saturday night on UniMas’ Solo Boxeo Tecate, he scored a vicious highlight reel knockout of Sergio Villanueva.

Verdejo (15-0, 11 KO) beating Villanueva (26-5-2, 13 KO) wasn’t a surprise or anything, a solid step along Verdejo’s designed path to stardom and/or greatness. But the right hook that finished this fight is a thing of beauty, not just because it’s so brutal and on the button, but because it happens so fast that in real time, it’s easy to miss it happening at all. One moment, Villanueva and Verdejo are fighting. The next, after a real loud noise and a crowd reaction, Villanueva is tipped over face-down, slumped over the bottom rope.

Villanueva does get to his feet, but by instinct more than anything. He leans into referee Frank Santore Jr for a moment before going back to the canvas.

It’s a magnificent knockout, one of the best of this year. And Verdejo, 21, continues looking like the goods.

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