Top 10 Best Puerto Rico vs Mexico Boxing Clash of all time

There is no doubt that Puerto Ricans and Mexicans have produced best boxers the world has ever seen. They are also known for their historic, blood-and-guts rivalry.

Both are known for their proud fighting traditions, producing many great fighters and world champions.

With this notion, Topmost10 ranks the top 10 best brutal Puerto Rico vs.Mexico Boxing Clash in boxing history.


10. Wilfredo Vazquez Jr vs Jorge Ace

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Most figured that Mexican warrior Jorge Arce was done as a top-level fighter when he stepped into the ring to challenge WBO super-bantamweight champion Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. in 2011.

Vazquez was undefeated and on the rise, while Arce, most felt, had just been through too many wars.

But that’s why fights happen in the ring and not on paper.

Arce, as it turned out, was far from done, engaging in a war with Vazquez from the opening bell to the end of the fight. Vazquez dropped Arce in the fourth round, but the Mexican rose and didn’t change his style one bit.

Each round was full of dramatic exchanges, with both guys laying out some serious leather.

As the fight went on, it appeared that Arce was more comfortable with the blistering pace, as Vazquez began to tire. He looked particularly spent after the eleventh round.

Arce, sensing an opening, went for broke at the start of the final round. He pinned Vazquez against the rope and threw everything at him, including the kitchen sink and at least one or two plates, forcing a corner stoppage.

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