Top 10 Best MBA Programs in Europe 2019

8. Imperial College Business School, UK

Imperial College Business School, UK

Imperial, located in London, is a triple threat with its triple-accredited MBA program. Despite its short two-decade existence as a b-school (opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 2004) it’s currently ranked eighth and 19th globally. The institution ranks fifth for return on investment, ninth for employability, ninth for thought leadership, 12th for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes, and sixth for diversity (up from 13th last year).

The 12-month program costs US$68,921, with graduates earning US$80,898 on average after graduation, jumping from US$62,768 pre-MBA. On average, students on the program are 28 with six years’ work experience. The b-school is not far off hitting gender parity with 44 percent of female students making up the cohort. The class is relatively intimate with 78 students, but this could be perfect for students who prefer smaller classes.

7. IESE Business School at the University of Navarra, Spain

IESE Business School at the University of Navarra

And wouldn’t you believe the third Spanish institution on the list is also located in picturesque Barcelona. IESE Business School at the University of Navarra has offered global business education for six decades. The b-school is ranked fifth for employability, eighth for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes, and 12th for thought leadership.

The 19-month MBA program costs US$105,895, and graduates earn on average US$104,177, jumping from US$65,471 pre-MBA. 70 percent of the faculty is international, 87 percent of students are international and 57 nationalities are represented in the class. The class is a large one with 354 students.

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