Top 10 Best performing private schools in Namibia

4. Gobabis Gymnasium Private School (Omaheke)


best Private schools Namibia

Gymnasium is a small school set in the east of Namibia in the mecca of the tastiest meat and a community enthusiasm that only a few communities can boast with. Gobabis Gymnasium, with its 300 leaners, is competent, proud, and operate like a school with 800 learners and a very involved community of parents.

Gobabis Gymnasium has as its major goal, a school that offers an opportunity to children who are serious about their education, to develop to their fullest potential within a positive Christian environment in close proximity of their parental homes trough

– A high standard of education

– Continuous education in all levels of life

– Discipline

– Maximum involvement of parents and community

No wonder It’s the fourth best private school in Namibia this year.


3. Canisianum Roman Catholic School (Omusati)


Canisianum Roman Catholic School was the fourth-best school in the country in 2013. As a catholic it is known for it’s discipline and performance.

It took the the third position for the best performing private school in Namibia this year.

Main Okalongo
P.O. Box 202
065 250 306
(65) 250 306
065 250 306
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