Top 10 Biggest Hotels in the World 2018: and their number of rooms

9. The Venetian, Las Vegas – 4,027 Rooms

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Located just ways down the Excalibur, The Venetian Hotel offers a different theme and atmosphere to its guests. Opening its doors in 1999, this 5-star hotel is among the priciest establishments that offer accommodation in Las Vegas, with the least-priced rooms starting at $163 per night.

As the name suggests, the Venetian Hotel takes it form the city of Venice, complete with a Grand Canal and gondoliers. For those who are looking for typical forms of entertainment and dining, the Venetian flaunts a string of designer label stores and high end restaurants.

8. Ambassador City, Thailand – 4,210 Rooms

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Constructed on a 40-acre property in Pattaya, Thailand, the Ambassador City Hotel takes pride in its 4,210 guest rooms, all divided equally in the 4-wing construct of the building. Each wing has its own theme, adding flavor of variety to the hotel. The Ambassador City Hotel is a great getaway option for those who want a taste of the beach, as the hotel offers a great view of the sea, which is just meters away from the estate.

One of the oldest hotels in Thailand, the Ambassador City is also one of the most affordable high end establishments in the country, with room rates starting at $38 a night.

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