Top 10 Biggest Hotels in the World 2018: and their number of rooms

7. Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas – 4,337 rooms

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The 43-storey hotel is arguably the heart of Las Vegas, fusing entertainment, shopping, dining, and gambling into one solid package. Boasting 4,337 guest rooms, the Mandalay Bay flaunts one of the largest convention centers in the United States, as well as a shopping area, pool, spa, chapel, and extensive casino.

Room rates at the Mandalay Bay start at $77 per night, but most people who come here do not intend to be frugal, which is why the more expensive suites get filled up first.

6. The Luxor, Las Vegas – 4,400 Rooms

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The Luxor Hotel may be built within close proximity to other topnotch hotels in Las Vegas, such as Mandalay Bay and The Excalibur, but this Egyptian-themed establishment knows how to stand out. Built in 1993 and highlighted by its pyramid structure and a sphinx replica, the Luxor Hotel has garnered 3 and a half stars for its service.

Modern amenities and big attractions make this hotel a hit among Vegas tourists and locals. Room rates start at $40 a night.

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