Top 10 highest paying Careers in South Africa without a degree

While university qualifications are often regarded as a prerequisite for highest paying careers, university education is out of the question for many South Africans. And a university qualification in itself is also no longer a guarantee that you will find a job.

To help students make informed decisions about their studies and their careers, Oxbridge Academy has compiled a list of the most financially rewarding career paths you can enter into without a degree. For many of these careers, the education and training provided by public and private colleges in the TVET sector will suffice.

This list was compiled using data from Payscale, Career Junction Index, and Salaryexplorer. The salary estimates given are taken from actual job openings currently advertised throughout South Africa (though it should be noted that the numbers might not necessarily reflect average salary expectations).

Top 10 highest paying careers without a degree

10. Land surveyor: R10 000 – R35 000 per month

Land surveyors are technicians who measure and map environments using specialist equipment, particularly in the construction industry.

While assistant or junior land surveyors do not initially earn an exorbitant amount, with seven or more years’ experience in a construction environment, along with a relevant national diploma, you can earn anything from R25 000 to R35 000 per month.

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