Top 10 Largest Gold Producing Countries in the World 2018

2. Australia – 270,000 kilograms

Australia earns the number 2 slot as the miners are literally having a hard time mining the land down under. Majority of the gold comes from Perth, New South Wales, Tasmania and Queensland. Golden Mile is the largest open mine.

1. China– 355,000 kilograms

After a lot of research and development, China has finally succeeded to double the production of Gold and took the first place in the list of top 10 countries producing maximum gold in the world. China’s high population is also known to be the highest consumer of gold. Most of the mines are located between the capital city Beijing and Shanghai in the Shandong Province. Almost one-fifth of the production is held under China’s National Gold Group. With so much of wealth and gold accumulated in the reserves it is expected that the gold prices might take a hike in the times to come.

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