Top 10 Old Schools That Shaped Singapore’s History

9. St Andrew’s School

In 1862, a grand total of 156 years ago, St Andrew’s School was founded on our shores.

Back then, the quaint private school was known as Sim Quee’s School, located along 29 Chin Chew Street.

Two locals of the Anglican faith, Mr Sim Quee and Tye Kim, decided to establish the school to reach out to locals.

On 8 Sep 1862, Sim Quee was officially appointed the first headmaster of St Andrew’s Church Mission School.

As the school grew from strength to strength, they moved to 11 Upper Hokkien street within a year, and secured government funding on 22 May 1872, 10 years after its founding.

St Andrew’s head of school Reverend James Romanis Lee also famously introduced football and the first Sports Meet during his tenure, despite being “lame in one leg”.

Carving a niche in sporting achievements, the school’s ongoing legacy continues today.

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