Top 10 Old Schools That Shaped Singapore’s History

10. Anglo-Chinese School

This little shophouse at 70, Amoy Street may not mean much to most Singaporeans.

Except, it’s the very house that Anglo-Chinese School (ACS) was founded in, way back in March of 1886 by Bishop William Fitzjames Oldham.

From a class of 13 students, ACS flourished and moved to 1 Canning Rise within a year.

At the time, it was considered the “largest educational project” in both Singapore and Malaya combined, at its campus in Barker Road. All ACS units, were even housed within these premises at some point.

Post-World War II, Barker Road campus was built in 1950 and Canning Rise campus was redeveloped in 1957.

Primary classes were relocated to Canning Rise, while secondary students moved to Barker Road in the 1980s.

What we call ACS Independent or ACS(I) today, hailed from the secondary school cohort at Barker Road, while its Junior College section branched out in 1977 to form Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC).

They both retained their famous school motto, “The Best Is Yet To Be.”

Remembering our past

Although most of us are no longer in school, it’s interesting to learn facts about the institution from our youth.

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