Top 10 Richest People in Marshall Islands in 2019

6. Kenneth Kedi

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Kenneth Kedi is a Marshallese politician. He has been Speaker of the Legislature of the Marshall Islands since 4 January 2016. Kedi won the election with 19 votes to 14 of former Marshall Islands President Christopher Loeak.

In June 2011 when Kedi was Minister of Transport and Communications, he was charged with ten counts of criminal acts relating to misappropriation of funds, making it the first time a Marshall Islands minister was charged with criminal acts. 

When the case went to court the next month seven of the charges were dropped, and Kedi pleaded no contest to the remaining three. The amount of money involved in the case was around US$2000. Kedi received a suspended prison sentence of 30 days, and a $1000 fine. He continued to serve as Minister.

5. Imata Kabua

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Imata Jabro Kabua was President of the Marshall Islands from 14 January 1997 to 10 January 2000. He became the Iroijlaplap of Kwajalein after the death of his cousin Amata Kabua. Educated at Harvard, Kabua finished his post doctoral work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and holds a law degree from Stanford University.

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