Top 10 Richest Politicians in Zimbabwe 2017: LUMUMBA reveals

Lumumba William Gerald Mutumanje aka Acie Lumumba reveals the Top 10 richest politician in Zimbabwe and in most cases tells how they made their worth. However he was afraid to tell how some of the politicians made their money.

Acie Lumumba is a Zimbabwean politician and media man. He is a previous individual from the decision Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF). He has been blamed for misappropriation of assets and defilement on various events. In May 2016 Lumumba quit Zanu-PF refering to the gathering’s inability to convey on its guarantees to the general population of Zimbabwe as the reason. In late June 2016, Lumumba propelled his new gathering Viva Zimbabwe and at the dispatch it was accounted for that he offended Robert Mugabe utilizing the F-word. He was accounted for to have likewise undermined that in the event that anything transpired, Mugabe’s kids would be “touched” too.

In November 2017 Acie Lumumba reportdly said that President Robert Mugabe won’t be the pioneer of the nation on the off chance that he doesn’t surrender the G40 Faction. He contended that the military was to takeover if Mugabe did not relinquish G40

Let’s now look at his list of Richest Politician in Zimbabwe 2017.

10. Roy Bennet

Richest Politician

Lumumba claims that he is arguably the wealthiest person within the MDC hierarchy. He was the treasurer of MDC and was allegedly responsible for sourcing donor funds. Lumumba claims that Bennet made a lot of money from mining and diamonds.

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