Top 10 Ugliest Jamaican Dancehall Artists

Ugliest Jamaican Dancehall Artists| As the saying goes, “A man must be ugly and fearful” so is most of the artists in the Jamaican Dancehall music industry.

Topmost10 is not here to insult anyone. Just remember every artist’s appearance is part of the fame.


Here are top 10 ugliest Jamaican Dancehall artists.

10. Elephant Man

Elephant man is also one handsome guy but due to the use of many colors, he looks very ugly.

That is the reason why he is featured on this list. You might not see it but he is pretty ugly too.

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9. Popcaan

Ugliest Jamaican Dancehall Artists

Popcaan is very handsome but some of his hairstyles sometimes make him look really ugly.

That is the only reason why he is featured on this list.

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